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We work together to influence the
marketplace and grow businesses.

With an office full of team players, success is inevitable.

The Strategic Marketing Team of Outreach Experts

The combined talent of our Strategic Marketing team allows us to score fast outcomes with every campaign. We welcome the ideas and perspectives of all our people, knowing everyone has value to share. The energy of our newest team members along with the wisdom of experienced executives provide an ideal balance.

High-Level Capability from Strategic Marketing

Our diverse team powers all our outreach campaigns. These experts are committed to the Strategic Marketing values of integrity and excellence, which is evident in our impact on the marketplace. We’re ready to wield our influence to benefit your business.

Meet The Team



Management Team Member


Nuri has been an integral part of our team through our biggest growth phase.  She studied nursing at Cal Baptist and her path led her to us to continue to help people in new ways. She has also been one of our lead trainers at our corporate events team that goes to over 8000 corporations, schools, hospitals and so much more throughout the year. Now part of our management team her eyes are set on bigger goals for herself and the company.



Management Team

Nick has his roots back in a small town in Pennsylvania.  He went to Shippensburg University and played lacrosse before crossing the country to California. Developing into one of our top account managers he has his sights on expanding our company with our largest clients in San Diego.



Human Resources Team

Celeste has always held leadership roles even as the oldest of four.  She went to Chaffey College and attained multiple degrees.  An avid outdoors person who loves to hike and work out.  Taking the reins, she works to ensure that our team has a tempo to achieve the goals for our clients.



Account Management Team

Saab has been one of our key teammates that we are happy we took a chance on.  He has taken classes at MSJC and has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and growth.  Always willing to assist any project within our company. He is ready to take on any business challenge, but do not challenge him to a game of pool.



Management Team Member

Sam came to us during COVID after receiving his Bachelors in sports medicine and competing at the D1 level for college football.  He took that competitive and challenging mindset to the business world.  Moving up into a management position within a short amount of time he is ready for the next challenge of his career for managing one of our emerging markets.



Graphics & Account Management


Do not let the charming looks throw you off.  Ant is a triple degree blackbelt and utilized his laser focus not only in graphic design but also has been a key team member in the growth of our company.  Always the first to lend a hand and assist anyone on the team Ant has positioned himself to be well-rounded in our company as well to be part of the growth with our largest client.



Management Team Member

Joining us after graduated from UC Irvine where she was studying business and marketing. She is very competitive being an avid basketball player and a collegiate tack & field athlete. Being a student of the marketing world she has transformed her passion for helping our clients' customers to coaching and developing our newest team members as well. 



Account Management Team

Ethan has always had an entrapranuerial spirit.  He uses those instincts to help our company flourish and works on honing his leadership skills.  Now his aspirations include learning how to lead and grow in the marketing field. As a huge sports fan, he is ready to work with our professional baseball, basketball, and soccer sports clients.



Management Team Member

Mallory joined us after getting degrees at UCSB and Harvard.  She has worked in the travel industry and museums.  History is one of her passions which she has made into a living experience with her travel of the world.  She is one of our most reliable team members as well as the organizer that keeps our team on track.

John T.jpg


Account Management Team

John's passion for his quality of work stems from his family devotion.  He was working in retail and warehouses before joining our team..Now with his goals in mind, he is working daily to grow within our company to provide a bigger life for his family.  One of our most dedicated team members and one of our most competitive, he does not like to come in second in any aspect of our compnay.



Account Management Team


Michael finished at Mt Sac and transferred over to UCR.  An avid sports fan of baseball and basketball he was drawn to our sports clients.  As our company has grown, so has Michael right along with us.  His growth with the company has paralleled our growth.  His family values imbue every aspect of his daily work ethic.

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